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Quotes in the spirit of Ted Nelson

Don't get me wrong, he is still alive. The first can be regarded as more general. Not only on the complexity of hardware/software but also on organizational structures!?

This can't go on.  I believe we have reached the event horizon of complication and crap (craplexity).  The present paradigm is in for a big fall.  That is my hope and the center of my effort.

Why are video games so much better designed than office software? Because people who design video games love to play video games. People who design office software look forward to doing something else on the weekend.

People ask me, "Ted, what's the difference between 'word processing' and 'desktop publishing'?"  How the hell should I know?  These are marketing terms, referring to packages set up for reasons that have nothing to do with conceptual sense or the user's good.

Ted's ComParadigm in OneLiners

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